Jeffrey Epstein, investigating America’s “sex addict”

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AT His death, investigators discovered a hoard of $ 577 million. An amount to which is added the value of its properties in New York, Florida, New Mexico and the Virgin Islands. Thicker than his bank accounts and especially more dangerous is his address book. Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, Prince Andrew, second son of the Queen of England, Bill Gates, Ehud Barak, ministers, judges, financiers, business leaders figure very prominently. Almost all of them benefited from the largesse of Jeffrey Epstein, a former mathematics teacher, brilliant, charming, manipulative, opportunist, quick in arithmetic, became rich thanks to his talents as a broker in the investment bank Bear Stearns, then extremely wealthy in managing in its own background the money of a few billionaires that he has plucked like ducks in the process.

Leon Black (long the richest American) and Leslie Wexner (owner of the lingerie brand Victoria’s Secret) will be his close friends and will allow him to manage their fortune. Smart as a monkey, Epstein donates millions of dollars to charities, foundations, universities. He organizes high-end colloquiums or conferences with researchers and scientists to show that he cares about his neighbor and the future of humanity.

But in the evening, on weekends or on vacation, he is the Patrick Bateman ofAmerican Psycho (a novel by Bret Easton Ellis, written in 1991 which narrates the double life of a golden boy, ideal son-in-law by day and unaffected murderer-rapist at night). Or the embodiment of Bonfire of vanities, written six years later by Tom Wolfe. Under the varnish emerges a world without faith or law that the journalist Jean-Gabriel Fredet describes with method and detail in The island of all vices (Albin Michel editions).

Her plane was nicknamed the “Lolita Express”

The years 1990 to 2010 are those of all the excesses, of all the transgressions. So, Epstein is going to go that far! And share it with his friends. Her personal Boeing is nicknamed the “Lolita Express”. He welcomes celebrities as well as very very young girls that he deposits in his Caribbean island. Sea sex and sun. And no doubt coke, money and videotape. Nothing is impossible.

From morning to night, everything is lust, prohibitions and taboos are lifted. When Epstein falls, for the first time in 2009, he pleads not guilty and is sentenced to a ridiculous thirteen month prison sentence. Then a second time, ten years later. Everyone understands that the party is over, that the best friend of rich and famous will no longer be able to pass through the cracks of justice. The Harvey Weinstein, Woody Allen, Roman Polanski cases have been there. MeToo is stronger than bundles of dollars. Some of his powerful friends are starting to get scared. What if he spoke? What if he had recorded our antics? What if his collaborators let go? What if he had written everything down? What if the logbooks of its three planes and two helicopters meticulously recorded the passengers and the destinations to which they were sent?

The man whose company was most wanted in New York and Palm Beach becomes a plague victim in a matter of days. No one remembers their addresses or phone numbers. On August 10, 2019, Jeffrey Epstein was found dead in his cell at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in New York. A band of sheet wrapped around his neck and tied to the top of his bunk. Phew, he won’t speak! The circumstances of his death are still unclear. Suicide, because he knew that this time it would be life imprisonment? Sex game gone bad because Epstein had huge, overwhelming needs? Assassination in order so much he knew heavy and embarrassing secrets for a hundred personalities liable for accusations of sex crimes on teenage girls under 15 years old. The more the book advances, the more the reader leans towards this dramatic and disturbing outcome.

Ghislaine Maxwell, the one who knows everything

Inseparable from Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell is his tout, his “sister”, his advisor, his closest friend. They are believed to be married, but it is his best card to coax the puritanical America. Daughter of very Labor Robert Maxwell, she has her entries in All-New York. She recruits the “collaborators” of the mad multimillionaire, caste the adolescent girls whom he consumes without moderation. It serves as a cover, reel, and safe-conduct in the jet set. Ruined and complexed by the setbacks of her father Robert, who was found dead in 1991 in the open sea. Twenty years later, we still hesitate between suicide, accident or assassination… Until the last few months, this iron lady has managed to slip through the cracks. Disappeared from the radars – it was said in France, in Great Britain or in a lost county of the United States -, she was finally arrested and imprisoned. She seems ready to do anything not to languish too long between four walls.

Who is behind the Epstein case. The American or Russian secret services? Perhaps. A huge traffic of call girls and fresh flesh in the forefront of which is mixed Jean-Luc Brunel, French boss of the Karin Models agency and entrepreneur in modeling? An underground world made of enjoyment optional, immeasurable depravity and hidden money flows? Perhaps. Failing to have delivered all its ramifications and all its secrets, this affair will feed for a long time investigations, novels, films or series.

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