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Jenna Ortega is criticized by her mother after a series of photos in which she appears smoking

A few days ago, the actress Jenna Ortega was severely criticized by hundreds of fans when photographs of him smoking on public roads have been leaked. Now, the position of Natalie Ortega, mother of the famous “Merlina”, was made known.

It all started when Jenna was caught in Notting Hill, England, while dating her partner Gideon Adlon. In said photograph, the young actress was seen having a drink and smoking in a space where there was a clear sign that said “No smoking”.

Jenna Ortega Smoking

After the images were released, the fans they expressed their disappointment with the actress seeing her smoking. And although there was a debate about it, now it has been her own mother who expressed her feelings about her daughter’s taste for tobacco.

Through a series of stories that she shared on her Instagram account, in a very peculiar way, Natalie noted her position regarding the fact that her daughter smokes, because in one of her stories she posted a Gollum meme, a character from The Lord of the ringswho sarcastically talks about what a person who continues to smoke over the years looks like.

story of Jenna Ortega's mother

Don’t believe those lies about cigarettes being bad for you. I have been smoking for most of my 21 years and I feel great!

In another of her posts, Natalie shared a snippet from an article exposing how lung cancer is primarily caused by cigarettes. She later posted a screenshot that read: “No, smoking doesn’t help you relax.”

Post by Natalie Ortega

In the same way, in another of her stories, the mother of the star of scream shared the negative effects of smoking, which included “stink”, “damaged teeth and gums”, among others.

With this type of publication, the position of Natalie Ortega is clear, who, it should be noted, is a nurse, so the most logical thing is that she did not agree with this “hobby” of her daughter.

Jenna Ortega and her mother

On the other hand, some of the actress’s users have stressed that Jenna is a 20-year-old girl who, as an adult, is of an age to decide what to consume or not. However, for the young woman’s mother, things are not completely like that, since in the last of her publications she added an image indicating that her daughter’s age is not important, because, as a mother, “she will never stop worry about her.”

Source: Okchicas

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