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Jenna Ortega, star of ‘Merlina,’ confesses that she performed autopsies on dead animals

Jenna Ortega, American actress with Mexican descent, continues to give a lot to talk about and not only because of her recent work on the Netflix series, Wednesdaydirected by Tim Burton, but because of its incredible resemblance to its protagonist Merlina Addams, both physically and in personality.

In a recent interview, the young actress confessed that she used to perform autopsies on small dead animals. Her words have surprised more than one person on social networks, because no one would believe that this was her Hobbie when she was little.

Jenna Ortega on the cover of the Merlina series

The confession arose spontaneously during an interview for the Wired site while the actress was talking about her colleague Maddie Ziegler, whom she considers her best friend.

She (Maddie) is one of my best friends. She is someone I connected with instantly. I feel like Maddie and I are the same person in different sources.

[…] She is so weird. And I’m a weirdo, the way I used to be doing autopsies on small animals when I was younger, you know, little lizards that I found, lying dead in my backyard.

Jenna Ortega promoting the series Merlina

Jenna’s confession has divided social networks into comments and opinions. Even so, many believe that her attitude and personality fit perfectly with the character of Merlina Addams and that gives her an extra point in her interpretation.

On the other hand, Jenna has not given more details about her past Hobbie as a child and it is likely that she will not, since she is usually reserved. However, it is a fact that her performance will delight more than one in front of the television.

Source: Okchicas

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