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Jenna Ortega’s mother uses Instagram to scold her daughter after video of her smoking cigarettes

After a video where Jenna Ortega appears smoking a cigarette goes viral on social networks, the mother of the actress, Natalie Ortega, sent a sincere message to her daughter on her Instagram account.

Natalie is a registered nurse and has made it clear that she doesn’t support Jenna’s habit.

“Don’t believe those lies about smoking being bad for you. I’ve been smoking for most of my 21 years and feel great.”

Also, being a healthcare professional, Natalie spoke about the consequences of smoking. The posts address the harmful effects of smoking, such as lung and mouth cancer, gum damage, cataracts, bone weakening and destruction of the brain’s gray matter.

Natalie also took the opportunity to say that care is part of a mother’s job.

“No matter who you are and how big you get, always surround yourself with people who will tell you the truth,” he said in a story. “A mother is always a mother. She will never stop worrying about her children, even when they are adults and have children of their own,” she concluded.

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Last Friday, the 26th, the protagonist of “Wandinha” went viral on social networks after being seen smoking a cigarette. Dividing opinions, the 20-year-old actress was the subject of the web, after taking fans by surprise with this habit.

Source: CNN Brasil

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