Home Entertainment Jennette McCurdy reveals the dark side of being a Nickelodeon star

Jennette McCurdy reveals the dark side of being a Nickelodeon star

Jennette McCurdy reveals the dark side of being a Nickelodeon star

Prior to the release of his memoirs I’m Glad My Mom Died (I’m glad my mom died), Jennette McCurdy, one of Nickelodeon’s brightest child stars of the 2010s, shared an excerpt from her book with New York Times.

Recognized for the role of Sam Puckett in icarly and in the spinoff Sam & CatJennette, 30, has revealed new abuse she experienced as a Nickelodeon star when she was 14 at the hands of an intimidating and abusive person she refers to as “the Creator.”

Jennette recalled one occasion, during a children’s television network wardrobe fitting, when she was photographed in a bikini by “the Creator,” who also encouraged her to drink alcohol.

During those moments, Jennette claims that her mother, Debra McCurdy, who died of cancer in 2013, never intervened and downplayed such incidents. Instead, she seemed to tell him that those kinds of situations were the price of her fame:

They all want what you have.

Unfortunately, this was not the only abuse that Jennette suffered during her time at Nickelodeon. The former child star also shared that after icarly finished, he was promised his own spinoff.

However, Jennette ended up co-starring in Sam & Cat with then-future international pop music sensation Ariana Grande. The Show it only lasted one season before going off the air in 2014.

Also, while on the show, Jennette said she wasn’t allowed to pursue other career opportunities, but this rule didn’t apply to Ariana:

What finally undid me was when Ariana came in whistling with excitement because she’d spent the night before playing charades at Tom Hanks’ house. That was the moment I broke down.

In addition, the actress affirms that after the cancellation of Sam & Cat, turned down a $300,000 offer not to speak publicly about his time at Nickelodeon. Jennette’s memoir covers her stormy relationship with her mother, including obsessive-compulsive disorder, eating disorders and anxiety triggered by her experience of fame.

Jennette McCurdy has always been open about how her mother, who in addition to being controlling, sexually abused her. In an interview for PeopleThe former actress said Debra “insisted on performing breast and vaginal exams” until she was 17 and “never let her shower on her own.” I’m Glad My Mom Died It will be available from next August 9.

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