Jennifer Aniston, humidity do not fear you

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There is no doubt. L’frizz effect it is democratic since it does not seem to spare even the perennially smooth and perfect hair of Jennifer Aniston. The actress, a few hours ago, appeared on Instagram with wild and slightly tousled hair.

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“Okay, humidity … let’s go” wrote ironically under the two photos as a warning not to give in to its feared effects. In the caption, the reference to Lolavie, the haircare product brand she founded, to try to remedy the drawback.

One drawback, that of the combination humidity and frizz effect, which really affects everyone, especially the driest and most dehydrated hair. Whether it is a copious winter or a hot and humid summer, the climatic conditions inevitably reflect on the hair that is not properly nourished, which risks having to deal with unruly locks, untidy and out of control lengths and that hated “cloud effect”.

Prevention begins in the shower, with the constant help of specific products that help fill, recompact and hydrate the hair shaft empty, arid, dry to prevent it from swelling with moisture. And it continues during styling and after drying with ad hoc allies that help keep wild and unruly (Jennifer-style) hair away.

Here are some suggestions.

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