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Jennifer Aniston shows her gray hair for the first time and the internet falls in love

One of the issues that causes the most controversy and controversy in terms of celebrities is their physical appearance, since, because they have fame and luxuries, the public has the mistaken idea that they should look practically perfect and without aging.

However, more and more celebrities, in their desire to show that artists are also human beings who can show changes in their bodies and who appear gray hair or wrinkles, choose to appear natural without makeup and any type of filter. Just like Jennifer Aniston did, who, through a video promoting a hair treatment, showed her silver gray hair and caused a furor in networks.

Jennifer Aniston showing off her gray hair in a video

In order to promote one of the products in your line of hair care items, lolaviethe famous Hollywood actress uploaded a short recording on her Instagram profile, where far from attracting attention for explaining the benefits of using her brand’s intensive hair treatment, users focused on the grayish tone that stood out among the blonde of her hair.

Appearing suddenly and leaning against the sliding door of what seemed to be the living room of a house where many people can be seen passing by, the 54-year-old actress shows the product’s packaging while commenting on the benefits that hair will have when using it, because, according to What is explained in his video is a new launch of his hair care line, designed to repair hair after using dryers and irons.

During their brief recording, some applause and praise from their work team can be heard, which seems to indicate that they are happy about the promotion of the new product, to which Brad Pitt’s ex-partner cannot help but say that they feel quite excited for that new release.

Jennifer Aniston’s publication did not take long to go viral and was highly commented by her fans and followers on social networks, who congratulated and praised her for not hiding her gray hair, ensuring that she honors women for showing that it is normal to grow old and have white hair.

Jennifer Aniston on a mat doing a leg stretch

Among the most recurring and outstanding comments are those of users who assured that with or without gray hair she looks beautiful, while some stated that showing that hair turns gray over the years is a form of personal branding, as well as a few others that, Under their position on aging, they argued that it is something that cannot be hidden and that sooner or later it will come to all of us.

It should be noted that Jennifer Aniston is an actress who has always stood out for being in favor of natural beauty. Furthermore, throughout her career, she has displayed a healthy and athletic image, which has made her look younger and quite sexy.

Source: Okchicas

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