Jennifer Aniston, who is no longer afraid of eating bread and pasta

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Raised by a mother with a super healthy lifestyle (in times when being healthy was not even fashionable), Jennifer Aniston has remained for decades at a safe distance from bread, pasta and pizza. The Californian actress, who for the nostalgic of “Friends” will remain forever Rachel Green, has always said that she follows a dieta low carbs, therefore low in carbohydrates and with an important protein content. This until some time ago: to the American tabloid «People», in fact, the star recounted that he began to consume bread, pasta and pizza, albeit in moderation.

Jennifer Aniston waited 52 to re-approach carbohydrates. «I started indulging in a plate of pasta or a sandwich when I feel like it. I simply do not exaggerate with the quantities “, he said. In doing so, the actress discovered that she loves carbohydrates a lot. How can we not understand it? As the Anna Cossovich dietitian, Pesoforma’s nutritional consultant, «it is important to guarantee yourself at every meal all macronutrients necessary for the body, from which the advice not to drastically exclude carbohydrates from your diet, an important energy source. The preference should simply go to the carbohydrates in the form of cereals, preferably wholemeal, such as pasta, rice, barley, spelled, buckwheat and sorghum, rich in fiber and more digestible and light. But the real risk for the silhouette is not so much represented by the plate of pasta itself, but by the type of seasoning and portion size, those to be monitored, especially if you are on a diet. It is also important to accompany carbohydrates with lean proteins, of vegetable or animal origin, and a vegetables in abundance, raw or steamed or sauteed in the wok. By doing this you will avoid unpleasant surprises on the scale and glycemic peaks, without having to give up the pleasure of bread, pasta and pizza».

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