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Jennifer Garner is filmed helping homeless man with disabilities in California

Jennifer Garner went viral this Tuesday (19) when she was caught helping a disabled homeless man with some necessary items.

Last Sunday (17) and the video that is making the rounds on the web shows the actress interacting with the man who is in a wheelchair, while his car is parked on the beach in Santa Monica, California, United States.

A paparazzi caught the whole moment and it is possible to see Jennifer giving a kit with personal hygiene items and some food to the boy. Then she puts socks on his feet and tries to give him her own shoes, but they were too small.

However, the protagonist of “De Repente 30” noticed the photographer present and went to ask him if she could buy her sneakers to give to the homeless man.

In a joint action, Jennifer and the paparazzi donate the sneakers and a blanket that were in the professional’s car and she helps him put them on. See the moment:

Source: CNN Brasil

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