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Jennifer Garner, Jennifer Lopez’s “Unexpected Ally” in the Crisis with Ben Affleck

In the difficult weeks of the crisis with Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez found in Jennifer Garnerhis ex-wife, “an unsuspected ally.” A source close to the family defined it like this, who Us Weekly commented on the Bennifer crisis. No rivalry or bitterness, in short: Garner would have been “very friendly” with Jennifer Lopez, strong from her 13-year marriage to Affleck. A sort of confidant. “She’s been helpful to J.Lo and they’ve connected. Jennifer has been an amazing person for J.Lo to talk to,” the insider told the magazine.

At the beginning of July it had been the Daily Mail to anticipate the issue, by consulting another source close to the family. «Jennifer Lopez confided in her (Garner, ed.) because she knows he’s one of the few people who can understand what she’s going through,” a source told the tabloid. “In turn, Garner considers J.Lo really precious because she is one of the few women who can connect with Ben and stop him from ending up into the abyss of addiction. He is frustrated at the moment, with no way out, and his biggest fear is that he might start drinking again“. The two, thus, joined forces to avoid the worst.

Jennifer Garner Helps Ben Affleck: He’s Trying to Save His Marriage to Jennifer Lopez
According to Daily Mailthe actress appreciates the stabilizing effect that JLo has on her ex-husband’s life, preventing him from falling back into the abyss of alcohol addiction

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck They were married from 2005 to 2018 and they have three children: Violet, 18 years, Seraphina15, and Samuel12. After their separation they remained very close, so much so that she accompanied him to the sessions of Alcoholics Anonymous. No vocation as a Red Cross nurse, however: the actress has always declared that she did it for her children, so that they had two attentive and responsible parents towards them. Their relationship after separation has benefited, always clear, as well as co-parenting. Ben Affleck, for his part, has always continued to see her as a friend, precisely because of their children. Then when he married Jennifer Lopez the family expanded and the children became very close to her two children, the twins Emme and Max, had with Marc Anthony. Nothing seemed to be able to scratch them, at least until the rumors of divorce, which arrived just over a year after the yes.

“The honeymoon is over,” an insider had said about them Us Weekly at the end of May, stressing that Affleck was not too happy with his wife’s lifestyle, so much so that he was already “worn out” by the union. And again: “The couple is on two completely different pages most of the time.” “They both have demanding careers that often take them to different cities,” another source continued, emphasizing how all this has «highlighted the emotional and physical distance between them». The two do not communicate enough, also due to the ease with which he closes himself off, avoiding confrontation. They have been living in separate houses for weeks, and they also have the house was put up for sale purchased together in March 2022. It’s hard to imagine a happy ending under these conditions. J.Lo postponed her tour to 2025 to focus on her family, but the choice doesn’t seem to have had the desired effect. After the days alone in Italy, she also spent the Fourth of July away from her husband: she was in the Hamptons, he remained in California. The couple has never been so distant.

Source: Vanity Fair

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