Jennifer Lawrence: “I, Leonardo DiCaprio and the comet”

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“Did that mean he couldn’t be a rapist?” She comments annoyed. In another trial, an actress whose name is not told stated that while Weinstein sexually harassed her, she allegedly said, “I slept with Jennifer Lawrence and look where she got to; has just won an Oscar ».

The thought of being named as a notch on Weinstein’s belt disgusts her. “Harvey’s victims were women who thought he would help them. Thankfully, when I ran into Harvey during my career, I was about to win an Oscar and was busy with Hunger Games. So I avoided being in that situation. Obviously, I am a woman who works in the cinema, it is not that I have always and only met men with impeccable behavior. But that’s a perfect example of how finding success early on actually saved me. ‘ It didn’t save her, however, from a bad experience in 2014, when a hacker he posted some of his intimate photos online, allowing all the keyboard voyeurs to take a look. It was unprecedented violence, and since the internet is devil’s territory, it will never end. “Anyone can look at me naked without my consent, at any time of the day. It is a trauma that I will carry with me forever », he says bitterly.

At the beginning of Don’t Look Up, the PhD candidate in Astronomy she plays discovers a giant comet that will completely destroy the Earth. Kate, this is the name of her character, has a cut mullet of red hair, double nose piercings, a fondness for comfy sweaters, and just can’t be kind to insensitive, listening-obsessed reporters and corrupt politicians (especially the president of the United States, a Meryl Streep in Trumpian style, and with his son and his inept and talkative chief of staff played by Jonah Hill). When she and her colleague Randall Mindy, played by DiCaprio, try to sound the alarm on the popular morning television show they are hosts, the host played by Cate Blanchett says, “Well, the handsome astronomer will be welcome, but the lady who also screams no ».

While the actress plays an honest and sensitive astronomer who tries to warn a world populated by indifferent and corrupt humans, DiCaprio’s character is somewhat reminiscent of Anthony Fauci, one who still wants to believe that the world will take the necessary measures. to avoid disaster. DiCaprio defines Jennifer Lawrence “one of the most talented actresses of these times, very skilled at improvising and totally immersing herself in character”. On set, she enjoyed remembering acting as children. “Like, while he sat down to eat a bite, I yelled at him: ‘It’s toxic!'”, Jennifer tells me, «They always told us when we were little:“ Don’t eat that stuff. It is toxic ”. It was to prevent the young actors from eating the props ».


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