Jennifer Lawrence, mother for the first time: born the baby with Cooke Maroney

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In summer 2018 they met thanks to mutual friends, the following year they got married in a Newport castlein the state of Rhode Islandtoday they celebrate the arrival of theirs first son: the actress Jennifer Lawrence and the gallerist Cooke Maroney they became parents. There is no information yet on either first name nor on sex of the baby, but the American gossip sites are certain of the good news.

“Before I met Cooke, marriage wasn’t mine life plans», Jennifer said some time ago. “At her side, however, I immediately changed my mind: I wanted to legally bind him to me forever. And fortunately they exist paperwork for something like that, ”he added with his typical irony. “Basically you find the perfect person for you and you say”now you can no longer escape“. AND very beautiful“.

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Indeed before love at first sight with the gallery owner of the New York’s Gladstonethe sentimental ties of Hollywood star – born in 1990 – had been quite turbulent: above all, those with the colleague stand out Nicholas Houltwith the musician Chris Martin and with the director Darren Aronofsky. A few years ago, he even told that “She felt alone” and that «no man he asked her out“.

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How much truth there was in this statement it’s hard to say, for sure Jennifer has found it in Cooke the ideal person to start a family: «He has a partner who love and respect»Revealed a source a People. “With him she managed to build solid foundation to give birth to a child “. At the première of Don’t Look Up a reporter asked her what she was most excited about about maternity.

«For now I don’t know, but can’t wait to find outJennifer replied. That now she is finally ready to write another sweet chapter of her love story.

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