Jennifer Lawrence, pancione da red carpet

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Red carpet with the baby bump for the thirty-one year old Jennifer Lawrence, expecting her first child with her husband Cooke Maroney. The actress, radiant, wearing a light gold dress, paraded in New York at the premiere of the new Netflix blockbuster Don’t Look Up in the company of stars like Leonardo Dicaprio e Meryl Streep. Some photos of the evening (see gallery below) portray her while protective caress, the dreamy gaze, the belly definitely rounded. Images that tell all of his bliss. A reporter from Entertainment Tonight he asked her: “What is the thing that excites you most about motherhood?“. And she, all smiling: “I don’t know, I have yet to find out!».

Jennifer experiencing her first pregnancy with genuine normality and discretion. No advertisements with great fanfare in the world, no social shots. When her rounded shapes gave rise to the first gossip, the actress limited herself to confirming through a spokesperson that she was expecting her first child. If male, if female, if expected by the end of the year or the beginning of the next, she didn’t bother to say so. Jennifer, married for two years with the art collector Cooke Maroney, he let the minimum wage leak.

Something more has been known from the statements made to People from a source close to the actress: “Jen has always had a desire to be a mother and in Cooke she has found a mate she loves and respects. She loves being married, she loves married life and, with Cooke, she managed to build a solid foundation for a child. She can’t wait to become a mother». The insider added that Lawrence has no intention of choosing a single role, a label that defines her uniquely. “Love his job and will continue to love it. Like many other actresses, she will be able to balance her being a professional and her being a wife and mother. And he will know how to do it well. Jen is down to earth. He knows that a satisfied and satisfied mother will be a better mother than one who gives up what she loves and then regrets it, “continued the anonymous, explaining that for Lawrence motherhood is not an obstacle but neither does it become a proclamation. And in fact last October, to say, Jennifer she was with her friend Amy Schumer at a demonstration in favor of the right to abortion.


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