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Jennifer Lopez: “Ben Affleck is the best dad in the world”

Passionate kisses, two-car rides and some private shots: Jennifer Lopez amazed her 124 million fans on Instagram by sharing a home video made for Father’s Day. Dedicated to Comrade Ben Affleckshows a more domestic, private and tender side to show what a lucky woman she is.

True, in the documentary Half Time on Netflix, the actor appears only once in commenting on the singer’s artistic career, but we see that these 50 years represent a new era for the diva.

«Father’s day wishes to the most considerate father, loving, devoted, present and generous than ever. Greetings my love”. With over eighteen thousand comments, the message arrived loud and clear, demonstrating how it is indeed possible to celebrate and experience the reality of an extended family.

As proof of the fact that maybe true loves do not end, indeed they manage to find each other even after twenty years, as happened to the Bennifers, the two are laying on new foundations for a future life together which include her two fourteen-year-old twins, Emme and Maximillian, born from her marriage to Marc Anthony, and the three his children (Violet, Seraphina and Samuel aged 16, 13 and 10), from their marriage to Jennifer Garner. For Mother’s Day, however, Jlo had shared a very old video of the two on the sidelines.

In fact it seems to be a real family tradition because on each occasion the singer churns out new images on musical bases to celebrate loved ones. During the last birthday of her boys he shared a video that starts with her stroking her baby bump.

The diva also reiterated in this latest Netflix project how crucial motherhood is for her and how much he cares to be present for his children, at any cost. Here is how I told in the post: «We have reached 14. My children, my dawn, my loves. I wish you my happy birthdays. You taught me the true measure of life and it changed me forever in the most amazing way. I feel so grateful to have had you in my life. I hope I have been at least half a gift as you have been to me. Today is a special day, February 2 22, they say that this is the moment in which we can achieve a sustainable life and full of moments related to the future. The time has come to stop living in the past. A rebirth. It is no news for me that 14 years like today this was the most significant day of the rest of my life. Max and Lulu, I love you very much. ”

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