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Jennifer Lopez cancels tour (after divorce rumors with Ben Affleck)

The news arrives by mail, to his subscribers newsletter. And it saddens the many fans who were waiting to admire her on stage in the coming months. Jennifer Lopez he deleted his summer tour in the United States, This is me…Livebecause «he is taking some free time to be with his family childrenthe family they close friends”. «Know that I would never have made this decision if I didn't feel it absolutely necessary», is the singer's personal message.

“I'm really saddened and devastated for disappointing you,” he concluded. «I promise I'll make it up to you and we will all be together again. I love you so much, see you next time.” Thus, while Live Nation confirmed to the CNN That tickets purchased through Ticketmaster will be automatically returned refundedmany speculate a correlation between the cancellation of the American tour and the recent ones gossipy indiscretions on the alleged marital crisis between J.Lo and Ben Affleck.

There is nothing official, so it is not known if it really exists a correlation. What is certain is that they have been chasing each other for weeks divorce rumors of the Benniferwho – it should be remembered – got married in July 2022, after having already touched on them eighteen years earlier. «If there was a way to get a divorce for reasons of temporary insanityBen would,” a source revealed last week to Page Six, comparing that marriage to a kind of “fever dream”.

THE first rumours linked to alleged problems in the couple have begun to circulate at the beginning of May, when Jennifer showed up alone at the Met Gala. In the last month they reappeared together, with wedding rings on their fingers, and yet divorce rumors they have always been done more insistent. «The cause of the tensions? Different lifestyles and clashes between different personalities», an insider reported to People. «You are comfortable with all thatmedia attention that he hates.”

For now, neither of the two are directly interested he expressed his opinion on the matter, the question mark therefore remains. Certainly, however, the tour by Jennifer which was supposed to debut on June 26th Orlandoin Florida, unfortunately he won't leave.

Source: Vanity Fair

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