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Jennifer Lopez presents daughter Emme on stage using “neuter” pronoun

Jennifer Lopez and daughter Emme Maribel Muniz, 14, made history their own way. At the gala organized in honor of the Los Angeles Dodgers, the pop star presented the 14-year-old on stage using “neutral” pronouns used by non-binary people to avoid identifying the gender “he” and “she”: “they”, translatable as them, and “them”, them. “I always ask them to sing with me but they never do so this is a very special occasion, because they are very, very busy and expensive, “she said proudly. J. Lo from the stage. Adding: “I have to pay when they perform but they’re worth every single penny, they are my favorite duet partner“. At that point Emme entered the stage, carrying a rainbow microphone to sing with her mother the success of Christina Perri Thousand years. The video of the performance, which ended up on social media, went viral.

In February 2020 we had already seen Emme, daughter of Jennifer and her ex-husband Marc Anthony, surprise performer with mom on the Super Bowl stage. The fourteen-year-old, who has a twin (Max) born five seconds before her, dreams from a very young age a future in music and he learned everything from the woman he most admires: his mother. J. Lo on her part is very much in love with her daughter. A couple of years ago, when Emme debuted as a writer with a prayer book, the singer broke the news on Instagram about her saying to herself proud of its “coconut”. “Coconut” is the nickname by which JLo affectionately calls both Emme and Max. When his hair started growing, it looked just like two coconuts», Said the star during an episode of Tonight Show. His “coconuts” are growing. But Jennifer, now betrothed to Ben Affleck, is more and more in love with the two twins had by ex-husband Marc Anthony. “Being a mother is my greatest joy and my greatest triumph»He wrote on Instagram some time ago. And now, by presenting Emme on the stage with the pronoun “neuter”, together with her daughter he has made history.

Jennifer Lopez and daughter Emme on the Super Bowl stage in 2020

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Source: Vanity Fair

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