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Jennifer Lopez Returns to Cinema: All About the Romantic Comedy Marry Me – Marry Me

In short, that comedy is a good omen for orange blossoms in reality? The two should have already married in 2004 and now, almost twenty years later, the right time may come.

Intertwining reality and fiction is a master stroke for Jennifer Lopez that at least capitalizes on the setback of a break with a screaming box office. Whether it’s the last of the romantics or the first of the cynics, it doesn’t matter, the movie trailer hits the mark.

The images start with a pop hit from Kat, who tries, in silver onesie, the moves of the video with the dancers. But the wow moment comes when for the first time Jennifer Lopez is seen in a wedding dress all glitter and sequins, in an absolutely irresistible royal bride style. A few seconds after the wedding during the revelation of the song Marry meHowever, the video of Bastian’s betrayal goes viral. And everything collapses. The vibrations to the Notting Hill they are all there: we see a man of the people being chosen by the Hollywood divinity to become her husband without ever having even exchanged a word with her. But, whether it’s a header or a lack of plan B, it doesn’t matter: Kat wants to try to live this improvised story and so the story begins. Or maybe it ends?

The trailer has already made the heartbeats of fans around the world accelerate, with a captivating soundtrack and a series of sparkling looks that are already popular on the net. And as if that weren’t enough, there’s so much charisma in the air that it feels like static electricity.

Nice shot, JLo! And may the protector of lovers be favorable to you at least this time, so that the happy ending doesn’t just arrive on the big screen.


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