Jennifer Lopez said she got closer to Ben Affleck thanks to an e-mail

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The romantic tale between Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck had its happy ending with the wedding celebrated in July. Twenty years after their first meeting – with a missed engagement, two marriages and children in other relationships in between – the couple shows us that second chances exist and, sometimes, they are better than the former. It was to explain to us how the two managed to reconcile after all this time the singer and actress who, in an interview with Voguehe said how it all started from a simple e-mail.

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Ben Affleck, shortly after the end of his affair with colleague Ana de Armas, receives from the newspaper InStyle the request for comment on his ex’s career for a cover story dedicated to her. Before doing so, however, the actor decides to write to Lopez to get the green light for her, but above all to tell her that her words would only be positive. The singer had just broken off her engagement with Alex Rodriguez and found herself feeling, at that time, one of her greatest loves, it was a coincidence given to her by destiny to which she will be forever grateful. “Anyone who really knows me knows that, for me, Ben has always been a very special person in my life. I always thought what I felt for him was the true love and when we started feeling again, those feelings surfaced again and I realized how real they were, ”he stressed.

Despite the romance of love experienced by the two after getting closer, the couple were wary enough about showing up again in public, mindful of what had happened many years earlier: “We were very carefree, childless and didn’t feel we had to hide from anyone. We felt free and just wanted to live our life. This, shortly after, backfired», Lopez said again recalling how to be continuously targeted by the media had undermined her relationship. “A lot of things came up: people who didn’t want us to be together, others who thought I wasn’t right for him. The media tore me apart and, at the time, I didn’t know how to defend myself. Now I have learned ».

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In fact, it seems that this time the criticisms or the rumors, which from time to time chase each other and want them in crisis every other day, have no impact on them. Like the one who finds that strange the singer has officially become Mrs. Affleck, legally changing his surname: «They don’t understand why they make it a problem. We are husband and wife and this is normal. I am very proud to have changed my name. I am romantic, I am the kind of girl who loves to carry on traditions of this kind ».

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Source: Vanity Fair

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