Successful Businesswoman and Entrepreneur, Jenny Campbell’s Net Worth 2020

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Jennifer Bernice Campbell is an all-rounded businesswoman, media personality, and an extremely successful entrepreneur. She is extremely popular in the business world due to her high level of success and extensive experience in her field. Jenny worked with several different banks before Campbell became an entrepreneur and bought a famous ATM business. As of now, she shares her experience and inspires many young entrepreneurs through her success, adding gracefully to her net worth!


Early Life and Education

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Jenny Campbell was born on 5th October 1961 in Hyde, Cheshire, in northwest England. Born into a family of bankers, Campbell continued to pursue the field as her career as well. She was a part of the Manchester High School for Girls, and at 16 years of age, she left high school and devoted her time and effort to advance in the banking field. Her first job after leaving high school was at a National Westminster Bank branch, commonly known as NatWest, a central commercial and retail bank. Campbell further acquired her banking qualifications and continued to develop her career.


Personal Life

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Campbell married a member of the Royal Air Force, Andrew, who is now retired after serving 30 years in the RAF. The couple has two sons, Rik and Tom, both of whom are in their 20s. Jenny lives with her husband at a beautiful country estate in Suffolk, England, with her three gundog retrievers whom she is very fond of.


Career & Net Worth Building 

After her work at NatWest, Campbell pursued a different path in order to achieve a higher status in the business. She took on the responsibility of saving a failing cash machine business by the Royal Bank of Scotland.

Due to rapid and untimely expansion, Hanco ATM systems had been earning losses for the RBS. Due to Campbell’s experience, she was appointed as the Head of Operations of the company, where she continued to manage the business and allowed it to be profitable effectively. However, the RBS decided to sell the firm in 2007, and Campbell saw this as an opportunity to broaden her horizons in the banking field and therefore bought Hanco ATM systems. Jenny felt that there was much room for the business to grow and be successful throughout Europe. She saw potential in the ATM company and therefore decided to invest money into the business.

In 2010, Campbell became the owner of the business and renamed it YourCash Europe. Under the supervision of Jenny, the company grew rapidly and bore many successes for Campbell. She exited the non-management stakeholders from her business in 2013 and, therefore, became the primary stakeholder of the successful company.

Jenny continued to run YourCash for ten years before selling it in 2016 when Euronet Worldwide Inc. acquired the business.


Jenny Campbell in the Media

Campbell has also spent time in the media industry, as she was a part of the BBC’s business program known as ‘Dragon’s Den.’ The show features upcoming, young entrepreneurs that have a limited amount of time to propose their ideas to multimillionaire or the ‘dragons’ so that they may want to invest their cash into their business idea. Campbell joined the show as one of the dragons in 2017 and invested her money in some of the business ideas pitched to her during the show.

She shares her experiences in the business world on the program and is known as one of the many respected entrepreneurs who participate in being the investors on the show.


Jenny Campbell’s Successful Business Investments

Over the years, Jenny has invested her money into several successful businesses, some of which she became aware of on Dragon’s Den. The company invested in by Jenny Campbell include:


  • ParkingPerx
  • DrivenMedia
  • Didsbury Gin
  • Look After My Bills (also known as LAMB)
  • Carun


Jenny worked closely with the owners of these businesses and invested her money and time in guiding the owners on how to grow and manage their businesses effectively.

These businesses have seen much success, and two of these have also been sold and acquired by much larger companies due to their evident success.


Awards Acquired by Jenny Campbell

It is not doubted that Campbell is an award-winning, high profile businesswoman. She has been recognized for her hard work and success in the business world through many different nominations as well as awards. She was awarded a Chartered Institute of Bankers prize when she completed her banking qualifications with efficiency.

In 2011, Campbell received the Ernst & Young Regional Finalist Entrepreneur of the Year award for her passionate, hard work in the field. Moreover, she also received a silver award for the Turnaround Entrepreneur in the Great British Entrepreneur Awards in 2013. In 2014, Jenny Campbell was awarded the Businesswoman Of The Year by Vitalise due to the success of her business YourCash.

Campbell is known to be extremely successful in the business world and has proved to be a great role model for many new business owners that aim to become multimillionaires, such as Campbell herself. She has been the inspiration for many women to venture into the business world without fear and has been a great role model for women interested in becoming successful entrepreneurs all around the globe.

Jenny continues to inspire many through her immense effort and passion in the business and is considered one of the most successful women in the banking business.


Jenny Campbell’s Current Income and Net Worth

The successful entrepreneur Jenny Campbell is guessed to have a monthly income of about 7 million dollars; however, this number may be higher than expected. The famous businesswoman has acquired a significant net worth of around 24 million pounds or 30 million dollars.

Her immense success in the banking business has allowed her to accumulate an enormous wealth, and her investments in several different kinds of companies will enable her to earn more capital on a regular basis.


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