Jeremy Renner, the truth about the accident: as a true superhero, he was trying to save his nephew

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New details emerge about the terrible accident that New Year’s morning involved in the mountains Jeremy Renner. The fifty-one-year-old American actor, star of the Marvel film Avengers where he plays the superhero «Hawkeye», was near his house on the lake tahoeon the border between the California and the Nevadawhen was it crushed by his snowcat. Now, since report about the incident of the office of the Washoe County Sheriffit turns out that Jeremy, like a true superhero, risked his life to save that of his nephew. The star was on board the snowplough just for clear the boy’s truck of snow (they were the days of the great storm over the States). But at some point the vehicle started to slide sideways and Renner jumped off “without applying the emergency brake,” according to the sheriff’s report.

And then, realizing that his vehicle could run over his nephew, he attempted to get back on the snowcat, to stop or deflect it. To get back into the cab, however, she had to climb onto the moving crawler. And so, according to the report, it «was immediately dragged under». The heavy snowplow (almost 6500 kilos) then passed over him crushing his chest and causing very serious injuries to his leg. The snowcat at that point continued on its way leaving the actor on the ground in agony, with «the collapsed right side of chest and the upper part of the bust crushed”, as reported by the 911 operators.

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Right after Renner, who in the accident he broke more than thirty boneswas airlifted to hospital, where he underwent two emergency interventions (in one they reconstructed his chest). Now he’s at home, as he said on Instagram. But second Radar Online “It will take him two years to recover completely”, and “will be necessary other operations».

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Source: Vanity Fair

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