Jessica Springsteen, the daughter of the Boss who aims for the Olympics

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The goal is Tokyo and the fundamental step to get to the Olympics Jessica Springsteen he may have done so from another Olympic city, Rome. The surname sounds particularly familiar because it is that of the Boss, the star of the Rock stars. The daughter is no less, but in a completely different field.

29-year-old Jessica, already a reserve in London 2012, could represent the United States to the next Tokyo games thanks also to the third place finish at the Rolex Gp Roma, in Piazza di Siena, behind the German David Will, and another American, Laura Kraut.

Yes, a mixed ranking. Horse riding is a sport in which there is no distinction of sex.

“There is still work to be done but I have an incredible horse!”, He said, commenting on the hypothesis of a call-up to the national team and congratulating his Don Juan Van de Donkhoeve. “My dream has always been to represent the United States in international competitions, so that’s definitely a goal.”

The surname counts relatively, apart from economic possibilities. “She is a champion and a serious competitor,” say the experts. His specialty is obstacles. Jessica, that turns thirty on December 30th, he has been in the saddle since he was 4 years old, initially accompanying his mother who was taking lessons, and at 6 he had his first pony. All on the family estate in New Jersey.

He has a special relationship with Italy. The family of his mother, Patti Scialfa, is of Campania origin. She is also engaged to her 34-year-old colleague from Lecce Lorenzo De Luca. With him, able to win in Piazza di Siena in 2018, he passed the lockdown period. It is no coincidence that Springsteen holidays are often in Italy.

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