Jetsun Pema, the Kate Middleton of the Himalayas (or the happiest queen in the world)

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Jetsun Pema, 30, is the youngest queen in the world. Former bourgeois, he has two children males. The eldest son, the prince Dragon Prince Jigme Namgyel Wangchuck today he is four years old and he is the heir to the throne. For Jetsun, re Jigme Khesar Namgyel del Bhutan, 40 years old, she gave up on polygamy. That of Kate Middleton e William dell’Himalaya it’s a beautiful love story.

Ten years apart, Jigme fell in love with her when Jetsun was only 17. But in reality their eyes had met many years ago, when Jetsun was only seven.

They were in a park in Thimphu, the capital of the Kingdom which instead of the GDP measures the FIL, the gross internal happiness. Passionate about fine arts, painting and basketball, Jetsun was captain of the basketball team during her school years. The two meet again when he he has been king for two years already. Despite his young age – he was born in 1980 – his father left him the throne of a nation that has recently opened up to modernity. Jetsun catches him with that perfect face of hers, the small body, i kind ways.

The two begin a secret relationship, but she asks for time: she wants to fly to London to study International Relations, Psychology and History of Art at Regent’s College. Jigme pleases her: she feels she has found a soul mate, even if it is a bourgeois. In 2011 Jigme can’t wait any longer, so she agrees to marry him. “Many have their own idea of ​​what a queen should be like: extraordinarily beautiful, intelligent, graceful. It matters to me that as an individual she is a good human being, while as a queen she is ready to serve her people and her country.. I found my queen and her name is Jetsun Pema », the king let Parliament know when announcing their wedding.

They get married in the same year as Kate Middleton and William. In October, however, when the alignment of the planets is the most favorable to the zodiac signs of the spouses, after a full moon night. On that day there are no foreign princes among the guests, but after the ceremony, the bride and groom go out to personally greet the Bhutanese people. The king describes his wife as follows: “She is a wonderful and intelligent human being. We share a great thing in common: love and passion for art ». Then he asks permission to kiss her in public. For love, King Jigme makes another gesture: although the law of Bhutan allows polygamy, he solemnly swears that he will give up the right to take other wives. “I chose her and she alone”. Power of true love.

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