Jetsun Pema, who seems more and more “the Kate Middleton of the Himalayas”

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To wish the subjects a happy new year, the royals of Bhutan, the 31-year-old regina Jetsun Pema and the sovereign Jigme Khesar Namgyal Wangchuck, 41, posed with their two children – Jigme Namgyel, 5 years, e Ugyen, 2 next March – for a new very beautiful portrait. In the photo, which appears at the opening of January on the calendar 2022 Yellow Bhutan, the family is portrayed in the snow, between trees and mountains. And the youngest queen in the world holds the second child in her arms.

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The new portrait of the royals of Bhutan

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The royals wear the typical Bhutanese clothes paired with some less traditional garments but suitable for the cold: the youngest of the family wears a striped hat with paraorecchie and pompon, and a duvet. His brother is wrapped in a parka brown with hood. The queen, known in the West as the «Kate Middleton dell’Himalaya», confirms the definition by showing off a padded coat by Burberry, the British brand par excellence. An essential signature in the wardrobe of the Duchess of Cambridge to whom the Queen of Bhutan comes compared for its plebeian origins.

But the similarities don’t end there. Jetsun Pema e Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck , who celebrated ten years of marriage last October, they married in 2011. The same year in which (in April) William and Kate said “yes”. And theirs, like that of the Cambridge, is one beautiful love story.

Ten years apart, Jigme, known as “the charming prince of the Himalayas”, fell in love with Jetsun when she was only 17. The two began a secret relationship, but she wanted to fly to London to study International Relations, Psychology and History of Art at Regent’s College. Jigme satisfied her: she felt she had found a soul mate, even if it was a bourgeois. In 2011 he couldn’t wait any longer, so she agreed to marry him. It was October 13, 2011 when Jigme brought the bourgeois Jetsun to the altar, transforming her into the youngest queen in the world. It was a wedding of a thousand and one nights: the wedding celebrations lasted three days and involved the whole country. And the “Dragon King”, immediately after the “yes”, made a memorable gesture: although the law of Bhutan allows polygamy, he solemnly swore that he would give up the right to take other wives. “I chose her and she alone”.

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