Jim Carrey is ready to retire and say goodbye to the cinema

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By heart, there has never been a week so full of events, unexpected events, shocking announcements in the world of cinema: after the Oscars, the slap of Will Smith who overshadowed the Oscars and then resigned from the Academy, the goodbye to Bruce Willis scenes for severe aphasia, now there is Jim Carrey at the center of the scene and precisely why has just announced that he is retiring from the scene.

The sixty-year-old actor, interpreter of characters who have made the history of cinema, great transformer at ease in blockbusters all to laugh like Ace Ventura or The Muskmasterpieces such as The Truman Show and just as unforgettable in arthouse films like If you leave me I delete you by Michel Gondry, announced it in an interview with Access Hollywood on the occasion of the release of Sonic – The Movie 2 in which he plays the evil scientist Dr. Robotnik.

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Jim Carrey, “Sonic The Hedgehog 2” (2022). Photo credit: Paramount Pictures and Sega / THA/ ipa-agency.net

In talking about the film, his career and his life, he really said that “Will withdraw” and, pressed by the journalist, he stressed “I’m serious enough”. Second thoughts? It would depend on the proposal: if that of life came, for a crazy movie, maybe yes. “If the angels brought me a script written in gold ink, if they told me it’s an important film for people, I could go on. What is certain is that I am now on hiatus, ”said Jim Carrey.

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During the interview he talked about the fact that he is enjoying life away from the spotlight, together with his family and cultivating his passions, starting with painting. “I really enjoy my quiet life, and i really love to paint on canvas, and i really love my spiritual life“. “I’ve had enough”: in closing the interview, Jim Carrey said just that. Indeed, he stressed that «No other star would ever, ever say ‘I’ve had enough’. I say it: I have done enough. Enough”·

Already in 2018 Jim Carrey had declared that he wanted to leave the scene, to be able to devote himself to painting, this time therefore it could be definitive. Are you fed up with the environment? If not, what is certain is that he does not share certain ways of doing his colleagues. In another interview, released to CBS again for the release of the new film, commenting on the standing ovation for Will Smith at the time of the Oscar – after the shiaffo to Chris Rock – it was said “Disgusted”. He also said that his colleagues are a herd of him “Spineless”.

Source: Vanity Fair

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