JLo, selfie #nomakeup is the motivational mantra to believe in yourself

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How to start the week in the best way? For JLo, the magic recipe consists in repeating motivational mantras. The same ones that accompany the selfie #nomakeup published Monday on Instagram page by @jlobeauty: no sign of time for the singer, very close to her 52nd birthday, scheduled for July 24, just flawless skin that is radiant, fresh, luminous. Here is his as he writes in the post: «Repeat with me: dreams are simple goals for those who believe in themselves. Creative energy flows within me and inspires new ideas.

My motivation has no limits ». Who would ever give her her age?

Right now, JLo is in the classic phase of super falling in love (with the ex Ben Affleck), who – as known – manages to make any face spectacular, such is the happiness of the heart. That said, JLo’s age-free complexion is also and above all the result of one meticulous maintenance routine, carried out for decades without fail by the most rigorous diva of the American scene (discipline learned by studying dance). In particular, it is known that JLo maniacally takes care of nutrition, excluding alcohol, caffeine, sugar (not exactly the best friends of the skin, you will agree). Still, JLo doesn’t smoke, JLo sleeps at least 8 hours a night, JLo has never gone to bed wearing makeup in her life and never will. Passionate about skincare, founded her own beauty brand, JLo Beauty, and has consistently denied resorting to Botox and fillers, despite insinuations from the media.

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