Joe Biden Under Pressure: Record of Immigrant Arrests at US-Mexico Border

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The government of the American president Joe Biden The US authorities have arrested 1.7 million illegal immigrants on the border with Mexico this fiscal year, more than ever, according to a source quoted by Reuters news agency.

The number of arrests in the current financial year, which began last October, exceeded the record of 2000. This figure was first revealed by The Washington Post, reports the Athenian-Macedonian News Agency.

Joe Biden partially overturned the extremely harsh policy of his predecessor Donaldτ Τραμπ, promising a more “humane” approach to the immigration issue. However, the official who named the nominee for head of the Federal and Border Protection Service (CBP), Tucson Arizona Police Chief Chris Magnus, received a barrage of questions Tuesday from Republican lawmakers. such as chaos and crisis.

Search for images with horsemen that caused shock

Last month, tens of thousands of scenes Immigrants from Haiti who set up camp under an international bridge in the city of Del Rio, Texas sharpened the spirits even more.

On the other side of the political spectrum, progressive Democrats and immigrant rights activists condemn the immediate repatriation of thousands of immigrants to Haiti, a country plagued by gang violence, the impact of natural disasters and plunged into political and economic crisis.

The Biden government has announced that it will investigate how border guards detained Haitian immigrants, as well as photographic snapshots with federal to chase them on horseback using bridles as whips shocked many.

Most of the repatriations were carried out under one of the overly broad, according to critics, policies of the Donald Trump administration, which the current administration maintains in power. This policy, known as “Title 42”, has been applied since March 2020, to the theory of preventing the spread of the new coronavirus pandemic, and allows the rapid expulsion of migrants and refugees without the possibility of seeking asylum.

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