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Joey King was obsessed with Zac Efron, with whom she stars in “All in the Family”

The actress Joey King 24, known as “The Kissing Booth “, was obsessed with Zac Efron 36, before getting to work with him. The two star in the comedy “All in family ” from the Netflix together with Nicole Kidman .

King participated in the program “The Tonight Show “, by Jimmy Fallon, this week and revealed that she once had a crush on Efron. “I love him. I grew up with his face plastered on everything I owned,” said the actress.

“Did you have a Zac Efron-themed lunch box or something?” Fallon asked.

“If I had… that and more!” King continued. “I had everything I could get my hands on. I was one of those kids, like, ‘Mom, the movie is on at this time, I need to get home and watch it.’”

“I had everything in common with him, I was a huge fan and he was so, so fantastic,” he said.

Joey King liked “High School Musical ” and had the opportunity to tell Efron this when they filmed “All in the Family” together.

“He was so sweet about it,” the actress continued in an interview with the host. “I would sing on set and he would sing with me, it was so nice.”

Efron also gave her health and exercise tips. “He taught me how to track my protein intake each day,” she explained. “He’s really good at wellness tips.”

In “All in the Family,” King plays Nicole Kidman’s daughter and works as Efron’s character’s personal assistant. Everything changes when her boss and her mother start dating.

Watch the trailer for “All in the Family”:

Source: CNN Brasil

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