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John Deere launches AGRO’s 1st reality show, with innovative solutions for the sector

John Deere launches AGRO’s 1st reality show, with innovative solutions for the sector

Since its founding more than 180 years ago, John Deere’s history is marked by the constant search for innovation and agricultural DNA, which merges with the history of development in the sector, in all parts of the world, including here in Brazil.

World leader in the supply of products, technology and advanced services such as automated machines, connectivity with the field and data generated through numerous sources, John Deere is the great ally of the rural producer, which brings solutions for him to make the best decisions, be it increasingly competitive, work more accurately and productively, and achieve your goals.

To spread knowledge and stimulate development in all regions of the country, John Deere is also innovating in communication, with the launch of First AGRO Reality Show in history : “Innovation Crop – The challenge of agro startups”.

With a presentation by comedian Marcus Cirillo, the reality premieres on July 2 and will be shown on CNN Brasil and on John Deere’s official Youtube channel.

Divided into four episodes, the show will show how startups work to bring innovation to the field. The general public will have access to ideas, solutions, curiosities and information about entrepreneurship and the agribusiness universe, one of the main economic sectors in Brazil.

“Safra de Inovações” will connect rural producers – with real challenges on their properties – to technology startups that will present solutions to solve them and increase productivity.

Nine startups were selected within the AgTech Garage – agribusiness innovation hub, located in Piracicaba/SP, to present solutions for 3 major challenges: sustainability, logistics and field digitization.

The mechanics of each of the first three episodes will be as follows: a producer will expose a challenge he is facing on his farm. Three startups will present their technology solutions to help you solve. The rural producer, with the help of 3 experts from the sector, will evaluate the solutions presented and choose the best one.

In the 4th and final episode, the three finalist startups will compete for the grand prize: an immersion trip into Agro’s global innovation ecosystem and John Deere’s Innovation Centers, in the United States.

Entertainment and information at the height of Brazilian agribusiness. More than offering products, services and the best technological solutions, John Deere wants to bring a new experience to its customers, bring the public closer to this vast and promising universe, and connect with all those passionate about the field, innovation and technology.

Source: CNN Brasil



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