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Johnny Depp and Amber Heard: 15 months of marriage, 6 years (for now) of legal battles

It was February 3, 2015 when Johnny Depp And Amber Heard they decided to marry one civil ceremony in his house, a West Hollywood, with related weekend festivities on Little Hall’s Pond Cay beach, at Bahamas. A bond that was born in the beginning 2012thanks to the meeting on the set of The Rum Diary, and which ended in May 2016, with a divorce filing from the actress after only 15 months of marriage.

The relationship between the two stars, however, it stopped only at the level sentimental: in the last six years, in fact, it has sadly continued in the courtroomsincluding accusations of domestic violence and adultery, all seasoned with details in splatter mode. A story that appeared immediately controversialwith her presenting herself to the authorities showing the swollen face and getting a restraining order towards the ex-husband.

Depp, in turn, accused her of having himself painted the bruises on the face and, a year ago, also not to have donated to charity – as agreed – i 7 million cashed in by separation. Yes, because in 2017 there seemed to be assumptions for a respite thanks to a divorce clause which forbade both sides to speak in a negative way of marriage. But nothing, the following year it broke out a new pandemonium.

Heard, in fact, wrote an editorial on the Washington Post in which – albeit without ever mentioning Depp – he defines himself as «a public figure he represented domestic violence“. The actor – who in the meantime has lost the case with the Sun who tagged it as “a man beating his wife»- therefore decided to sue for defamation the former partner, with the hope perhaps – analyzes Variety – to clean up your own image.

The serious accusations that have been brought against him, in fact, have had obvious repercussions on his professional career. «I would have liked to give a worthy farewell to Jack SparrowHe said in one of the latest hearings. Characterized by evidence that unearthed disturbing details: from the video shot secretly by the actress in which the partner resumes that lashes out against a kitchen cabinetto him showing a severed finger.

According to the reconstruction of the lawyers, it would have been her a get him the wound throwing him a bottle during a stay in Australia. “I need to go to avoid a bloodbath like what happened on the island, ”says one of the latest audios reproduced in the classroom. The voice is Depp’s: “It’s not worth it, why be unhappy, we can only have a little bit of understanding“. What he was referring to is unclear.

Much more explicit text messages sent to Paul Bettany in which he claims he wants to “drown and burn»Amber Heard:« All of this was never meant and meant to be realizedThe star defended himself. “I’m ashamed of having it widespreadbut since they are private texts they go contextualized. This is a direct quote from the Monty Phyton and the witch-burning sketch, ”Depp added,“ is alone surreal humor“.

She claims she was attacked and even «penetrated with a bottle of liquor», He reiterates that he has not never hit a woman in his life: “The victim is me“. At the court of Fairfax the very difficult task of tracing the contours of the truth, to bring down the credits on the Depp-Heard relationship, which from an exciting love story has turned – for several years now – into a bitter judicial show.

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