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Johnny Depp could return as Captain Jack Sparrow… Bring out the Rum!

Surely you have ever encountered the feeling of victory, the one that floods your soul with immense joy. However, without fear of being wrong, we know that this emotion is even more satisfying when others doubted you at first, because the fact of proving them wrong fills you with a proud and pleasant energy. That’s why they say that he who laughs last, laughs best.

Well, we believe that this is how Johnny Depp feels at this point in his life, since, as you will remember, around 2018, his ex-wife Amber Heard started a campaign to discredit him and present him to the public as her abuser. All this escalated to the realm of legality, but to make a long story that surely we all know (unless you are the least nosy person in this world), the result was much more flattering for Depp, who won 15 million dollars. dollars due to the defamation in which he was involved.

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard pictured together as a couple

Infinite difficulties arose from all this for both artists, but in the case of the guitarist from hollywood vampires, he saw how all the professional achievements he had acquired over the years since his first role in Nightmare on Elm Streetin 1984. A feeling that, we understand, must be the most bitter and devastating.

But after the court’s final ruling, Johnny, 59, was once again able to raise his head high and turn his life around. Beginning by doing Disney the enormous favor of putting on his hat again and calling himself captain, because despite having confessed that he would never play the most famous drunken pirate in the world again, according to British media such as the sun Y MirrorCaptain Jack Sparrow returns to his old ways for a new movie of Pirates of the Caribbean.

Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow

We know that this news will take the breath away of many, since one of the saddest announcements that came out of the media trial was the separation of the film producer of the franchise. Although at the time Disney argued that they wanted to inject a “new energy” into the movies, the truth is that we all know that it was a decision made after the accusations.

At the moment, there is not much information about it, but, as revealed by an informant from The Sun, We anticipate that the recordings are expected to begin in February 2023 in “a top secret place” in the United Kingdom and that the tentative title of the movie is A Day at the Sea.

Captain Jack Saprrow saluting

Johnny is expected to do a test shoot in early February before production fully begins. A call sheet has been distributed to those in the know. Bruce Hendricks, who worked on the first three films, is named executive producer of the new project. All other details are kept under lock and key. The entire project is shrouded in secrecy and Disney wants to keep everything under wraps as best they can.

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