Johnny Depp: The “cold” joke on the day of his wedding to Herd that now he can hit her freely

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With the deposits of individuals who can attest to the so-called Amber Heard Johnny Depp’s legal dispute with his ex-wife continues. A friend of the couple was found in court today, who remembered, according to him, something that Johnny Depp had told him on the day of his wedding to Amber Heard.

Writer Io Tilet Wright, who testified in court today, is a friend of Amber Heard, but after her marriage to Johnny Depp, he became a good friend of the actor.

Io Tilet Wright testified that he himself has not witnessed any abuse between the couple, but described a moment from their wedding day.

“Walking from the place of the mystery to the place where the reception took place, I congratulated Johnny who managed to get married. And then, he joked and said to me: “We are finally married, now I can freely punch her in the face, without anyone being able to do anything about it“”, Described Io Tilet Wright.

Τζόνι Ντεπ σε δικαστήριο με την Αμπερ ΧερντΤζόνι Ντεπ σε δικαστήριο με την Αμπερ ΧερντJohnny Depp in court with Amber Heard

As he later stated, Johnny Depp spoke to him many times about how much he felt in love with Herdbut he was afraid she was cheating on him.

«I tried to reassure him and told him that if Amber had a parallel relationship, I would be one of the few people who would say that. “I do not hide secrets, nor do I like to lie, so I told him that if I learned anything, I would tell him to make his decision”, the author explained, adding that he thought that Herd is “too much in love with Johnny».

Although he tried many times to dispel the doubts of both of them about their relationship, he did not succeed. «I told them that it makes sense for them to worry about each other, because they are both sex symbols. “They had to accept that they are really in love and in love.”

Άμπερ Χερντ σε δικαστήριο με Τζόνι ΝτεπΆμπερ Χερντ σε δικαστήριο με Τζόνι ΝτεπAmber Heard in court with Johnny Depp

During his own deposition in the past, the Johnny Depp had stated many times that in the past, he had one ‘Dark sense of humor“, For which he now regrets.

He had also stated that “he is ashamedFor many of the messages he had sent and for the words he used, but he would never go so far as to use violence against a woman.

«I have never gotten to the point of hitting Mrs Herd like any other womanHe had said characteristically.


Source: News Beast

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