Johnny Depp, who as a teenager “was abandoned by his cruel mother”

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Johnny Depp “as a teenager was abandoned by his cruel mother.” He found out Paul Barresi, a well-known private investigator from Hollywood, looking for material for the new series of Discovery+ Johnny Depp v Amber Heard. The actor’s parents, engineer Christopher More Depp and waitress Betty Sue Palmer, they divorced when Johnny was 15. In the documents that have remained so far buried in the court archives and just unearthed by Barresi, Betty Sue claimed that her son was “completely emancipated and self-sufficient”.

In the interviews, the actor painted a different picture. He started using drugs at 11, dropped out of school at 16 to become a musician and in 1980 he started playing guitar in a band called The Kids, moving to Los Angeles where he made a living selling pens ink e sleeping in a car. His first acting role came in A Nightmare on Elm Street in 1984 after meeting Nicolas Cage. Yet the divorce document, signed in 1981, states: “The wife hereby acknowledges that the parties’ youngest son … John C. Depp II is completely emancipated and self-sufficient.”

«It goes without saying that at the age of 17 Johnny was hardly financially self-sufficient and far from emancipated, ”comments Barresi. “As far as I’m concerned, his mother disowned him when he unquestionably needed her most». On the other hand Johnny Depp himself has repeatedly told the your difficult childhood with an absent father, moving from one city to another (he has counted at least forty), with an unhappy mother who beat her children without warning, with a telephone receiver or an ashtray, in a house where no one ever breathed. Yet Johnny Depp devoted his first earnings to her, buying her a small farm in Kentucky: “Betty Sue, I loved itThe actor admitted. However ai funeral of the woman, who died in 2016, did not say exactly the words one would expect from a funeral prayer: “She was the meanest woman I’ve ever met in my life».

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