Johnson for AUKUS: Our relationship with France is unshakable

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Her relationship Of Britain with the France is unshakable, the prime minister said today Boris Johnson, answering a question about the new defense according to Australia and the United States (AUKUS) which cancels an existing Franco-Australian submarine agreement.

France reacted angrily in yesterday’s news of the deal, which will help Australia acquire nuclear-propelled submarines from the US, and nullify a $ 40 billion deal to buy French submarines, according to Reuters.

But when asked in the House of Commons about relations with France, Johnson said that not There is a controversy: “Our relationship with France, our military relationship with France… is unshakable.”

“We are standing together next door the other with the French, whether it is the Sahel, where we are conducting a joint operation against terrorists in Mali, or Estonia, where we currently have the largest NATO operation. “

The defense pact has also provoked her outrage Of China, which argues that it will be a strong blow to regional peace and stability.

The leader of the opposition Labor Party Kir Starmer asked Johnson how he could guarantee that the move would not worsen Britain’s relations with China.

Johnson replied: “I think it is important for Parliament to understand that AUKUS not it is intended to be competitive with any other power; it merely reflects the close relationship we have with the United States and Australia. “

The British Prime Minister also said that the new agreement will accelerate the development of advanced defenses technologies“While our partnership will begin with submarines [που κινούνται] “Now that we have created AUKUS, we expect to accelerate the development of other advanced defense systems, including government, artificial intelligence, quantum computing and submarine capabilities.”

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