Home World Johnson & Johnson Vaccine: Second-dose data – What new studies have shown

Johnson & Johnson Vaccine: Second-dose data – What new studies have shown

Johnson & Johnson Vaccine: Second-dose data – What new studies have shown

A booster dose increases its effectiveness Johnson & Johnson vaccine against coronavirus, according new elements announced today by the pharmaceutical group.

J&J’s formulation was originally designed as one monosodium vaccine. However, with a second dose almost administered two months (56 days) post First, the levels of antibodies observed are “quadrupled to six times”, according to an announcement by the American pharmaceutical company, which is invoked by the APE MPE.

The effectiveness of the vaccine against the symptomatic cases of the disease at least 14 days after the administration of this booster dose was then 75%, and 100% against serious cases, according to the data clinical trial held in several countries, in the elderly 18 years old and above.

At USA, the efficacy against symptomatic cases (moderate to severe) was 94% with this booster dose.

By comparison, according to the latest data from the initial clinical trial for a single dose of the vaccine, the efficacy of the drug in the US against symptomatic cases was 70%.

According to Johnson & Johnson, the variants that are circulating reduce the effectiveness of the vaccine against severe cases.

In addition, antibody levels increase further when the second dose is given six months later the first: then these are ninefold already one week after administration, and twelve times more after four weeks.

The company announced that it had submitted this data to the US Drug Enforcement Administration (FDA) and wants to submit them quickly to other regulatory authorities around the world.

“Our single-dose vaccine elicits a strong immune response and a lasting immune memory,” he said in a statement. Matai Mamen, Research and Development Officer at Johnson & Johnson. “And when a booster dose is given, the effect of protection against Covid-19 rises further”.

This is good news for the 15 million Americans who have been vaccinated with the drug, AFP reports: Joe Biden’s government has announced that it wants to launch a booster campaign for adults vaccinated with Pfizer or Moderna , but he had said that waits more data on Johnson & Johnson.

It is recalled that a decision on how to administer booster doses for the vaccine Pfizer is expected within the next few days in the USA.

Up-to-date out-of-clinical data on vaccine efficacy

J&J also communicated new data it collected between Of March and finally July 2021 for the effectiveness of its vaccine in real world (excluding clinical trials), including 390,000 people who received the drug.

According to this study, the effectiveness of the vaccine against infection was 79% and 81% against hospitalizations.



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