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Jojo shows clothes bought when she wanted to get pregnant: “I was crazy”

Jojo Todynho, 27 showed her followers, on the afternoon of this Tuesday (7), some clothes that she bought when she was thinking about getting pregnant with the ex-husband, Lucas Souza . The singer revealed that she was so obsessed at the time that she even had the reveal party outfit.

“I was crazy! I went crazy… where was I going? [com essa roupa]? But you know what it is, it was that feeling of wanting to get pregnant. Thank God I didn’t get pregnant”, said Jojo, who compared some of the pieces to what she called “peasant clothes”.

For the reveal tea, the singer had chosen a white dress with details in pink and blue. “Just like baby towels that grandma embroiders. I wasn't feeling well, I said I was going to use it for the revelation tea, could I use it for the June party?”, she joked. “It's beautiful, but it's not for me, It's very ma'am “.

Jojo Todynho shows off his “mother clothes”;  understand

The “cleaning” that made Jojo find her “mother's clothes” was motivated by the rains that devastated Rio Grande do Sul. The singer's objective is to select clothes and other goods that can be donated to victims . To date, 95 deaths have been confirmed.

Jojo and Lucas got married in January 2022, just five months after they started dating. A separation was announced in October 2022 , by Lucas, on his social networks. According to him, it was the result of a deterioration in the relationship. The singer listed several reasons for the separation.

Source: CNN Brasil

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