Jojo Siwa thanked Demi Lovato for contributing to her coming out

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Jojo Siwa’s coming out, which took place in January this year, was an explosion of happiness and joy on the notes of Born this way at Lady Gaga. A liberating moment that, according to the dancer, is one of the happiest of her life thanks to the support she received from hundreds of people online and live.

Lately, during an episode of 4D with Demi Lovato, the podcast hosted by the singer of Dancing with the Devils, the former star of Dance Moms he said that it was she who made a decisive contribution to his “homosexual awakening”. In fact, he explained that the video clip and the text of Cool for the summer were decisive for her: “I wouldn’t believe it Demi, but when I saw your video, everything changed. I was looking at your dancer, Jojo Gomez, and I thought I liked her very much. ‘

Demi, for his part, explained that it is not just any song: the song was also fundamental to declare one’s sexual orientation. “I came out as bisexual in 2017 – he pointed out – e Cool for the summer it is three years old. At the time, I still didn’t feel ready to face this part of me publicly and I did it through music and words ». Jojo he also thanked Demi for all her activism in favor of the LGBTQ + community, which gave courage to those like her who were looking for a way to really show themselves for who they were. «You were very courageous – continued the singer, who recently declared herself non-binary – because it is so difficult at your age to really understand what you want. It took me a really long time to take this step ».

Jojo she also explained, however, that she is not yet ready to want to give herself labels, indeed if she really has to choose one to feel above all queer: “I don’t want to force myself into a definition. I like people, regardless of their orientation and identity. Maybe I’m pansexual, but I still don’t know! ‘

At the end of the conversation, another detail emerged about the special relationship that binds Demi Lovato e Jojo Siwa. The second confided that his current girlfriend Kylie he realized he was homosexual after having been to a concert of the premiere and therefore being madly in love with him.

Two small examples of how the experience of one can be fundamental for someone else because it can help him understand himself better, making him feel less alone. Thanks Demi!

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