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Jojo Todynho explains fight with Anitta: “Cycles end”

This Sunday (03), the influencer Jojo Todynho explained what motivated his fight with the singer Anita . In a new video on his channel, Jojo gave details about what happened.

The report comes after she promised last Saturday (02) that she would explain what happened between her and the singer. Jojo also said that she was irritated that “haters have no other agenda than to talk about this issue”.

On his YouTube channel, Jojo Todynho explained in a fifteen-minute video that the whole disagreement started when Anitta called tell you she was pregnant .

The matter was leaked – and then Anitta would have accused Jojo Todyinho of having released the information.

In the video, the influencer explained what it was like: “One day, I'm there in Copacabana, getting my hair done and Anitta calls me and says, 'I'm pregnant'. I went crazy. But I had to remain monosyllabic because I had several people there around me. I said: 'I'm doing my hair, when I'm done, I'll come to your house'.”

Soon after this conversation, Anitta sent a message to Jojo accusing her of passing on the information, which she denied and closed the matter. The story ended up becoming public when the influencer participated in the reality show A Fazenda.

“Today I no longer have friends with Anitta, and do you know what I understand about that? It’s just that cycles end”, explained Jojo Todynho. “I'm very grateful to Larissa for everything she did for me, but you have to stop thinking that Larissa gave me a career. No, no, I was already blown up on the internet.”

Check out the video in which Jojo Todynho explains the fight with Anitta in full:

So far, Anitta has not yet commented on Jojo Todynho's statements.

Source: CNN Brasil

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