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Jordan Bardela: The 28-year-old chosen by Le Pen who wants to take the reins of France

He is only 28 years old, his name is Jordan Bardela and he is the leader of the extreme right party “National Alarm”. He dominated the country’s President Emmanuel Macron’s “Renaissance” in yesterday’s European elections and is an ambitious and confident politician who his supporters see as a political phenomenon but his critics say lacks substance. Bardela, who will be his party’s candidate for prime minister, grew up in a single-parent family. In 2022, aged just 27, he officially became leader of the anti-immigration National Alarm (RN), boasting that he has better communication skills than older politicians. “France has issued its verdict and there is no appeal. Our compatriots expressed a desire for change but also a way forward. It is a wind of hope and this is only the beginning,” he said yesterday after the results of the European elections, calling on President Macron to call early elections and calling him a “weakened president”. A member of the far-right party since he was 17, Bardella projects […]
Source: News Beast

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