Jordan: Joe Biden Exchanged With Abdullah II And Supports The Power

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shaken by an unprecedented crisis, Jordan can count on the support of Joe Biden. The US president expressed his support for Jordan on Wednesday April 7 during a telephone conversation with King Abdullah II a few days after the revelation of an alleged plot against the Jordanian monarchy. “President Joe Biden spoke today to King Abdullah II of Jordan to express the strong American support for Jordan and to underscore the importance of Abdullah II’s leadership for the United States and the region,” the House said. Blanche in a press release.

“Together they discussed the strong bilateral ties between Jordan and the United States, the important role of Jordan in the region, bilateral cooperation in multiple political, economic and security fields,” said the White House. During this discussion, Joe Biden also reiterated his support for a two-state solution, Israeli and Palestinian, to end the conflict in the Middle East. This option, favored for decades by the international community, had been questioned by Donald Trump during his mandate.

“Hamza is today with his family in his palace”

Jordan was rocked last weekend by an unprecedented crisis involving King Abdullah’s half-brother Prince Hamza. The Hashemite ruler assured Wednesday in a message read on his behalf on public television that the turbulence was now over. “I assure you that sedition has been nipped in the bud. The challenge of the past few days has not been the most dangerous for the stability of the country, but it has been the most painful for me, ”the king said in a message read on his behalf by a public television presenter.

“Hamza is today with his family in his palace, under my protection. He pledged in front of the (Hashemite) family to follow the path of his parents and grandparents, to be true to their message and to place the interests of Jordan, its Constitution and its laws on- above any other consideration ”, continued Abdallah II.

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