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Joseph Gentile: Who is the banker linked to the collapses of Lehman Brothers and Silicon Valley Bank

THE banker Joseph Gentile may have previously been unknown to the general public, but now both his picture and his name are everywhere, as he put his rock in the bankruptcies of banks Lehman Brothers and Silicon Valley Bank.

As it states newsweek.comhe was the financial director at the first bank and the managing director of Administration, and in both cases he only retired because the banks collapsed.

Little is known about his life and according to his biography listed on the website svbsecurities.comhe served as CFO of Lehman Brothers Global Investment Bank where he managed the accounting and financial needs in the Fixed Income department.

Before that, he was CFO of the Global Corporate and Investment Bank at Bank of America, where he headed the Capital Markets Department. In addition, he was the Chief Financial Officer of Private Bank.

Previously, spent more than 10 years with JP Morgan in various financial management positions, including Global Head of Financial Risk Management, while starting his career at Arthur Andersen.

After the collapse of Lehman Brothers it happened managing director of Management at Silicon Valley Bank and retired a few days ago when the bank collapsed.

In fact, Twitter has gone into a frenzy over his name, with many citing it as a tragic coincidence that he held key positions in organizations that went bankrupt.

However, others argued that it was no coincidence, but putting the wrong person in the wrong place, resulting in tragic consequences.

Source: News Beast

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