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Journalists shared gameplay details of Hogwarts Legacy: there will be no Quidditch in the game

The journalists of the information publication IGN managed to play the much-anticipated role-playing game Hogwarts Legacy two weeks before the official release, after which they released a short video in which they told about some of the gameplay features of the project. The most important news is that gamers will not be allowed to play Quidditch – you can fly on a broomstick around the castle and its environs, and the Quidditch stadium itself (with players in the uniforms of the houses) is present, but competitions in the popular sports game in the magical world can be held will not. From the conversations of students, media representatives found out that Quidditch was banned by the headmaster – he is considered the most unpopular headmaster in the history of Hogwarts.

And although in the comments to the video, fans are speculating that Quidditch will be added in one of the future DLCs, the developers themselves do not talk about it. In addition, the journalists talked about the battles with the goblins sent by a certain Ranrok – for personal reasons, he hates people (including wizards), but this did not prevent him from concluding an agreement with the main villain of the game, Victor Rookwood. He is a dark wizard and, for unknown reasons, is trying to find the main character of Hogwarts Legacy, sending goblins to search for the character. Also in the video were centaurs from the Forbidden Forest, who are extremely unfriendly to people, and various animals that also behave quite aggressively.

Journalists emphasized that the Alohomora spell plays an important role in exploring the various locations of Hogwarts Legacy, but it does not open doors and locks simply by waving a magic wand, as in previous video games in this franchise. Instead, after using the spell, the gamer will have to go through a small mini-game in which you need to align the gears. You can find a lot of similar and not so video games in the vastness of the castle – some are related to gameplay events, while others act as a means of entertainment for the magical world.

And, of course, the project developers tried to make Hogwarts as lively and interesting as possible – for this, various ghosts were added that have been living in the castle for hundreds of years (including Nearly Headless Nick and Peeves the poltergeist), as well as flying books, watering cans, the famous soaring stairs and students giving hints to the player. The latter, for example, can talk in the corridors about something, pushing the gamer to various secrets of the castle, secondary quests or story missions, plus sometimes you can hear just interesting information about the fictional world from them.

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