Home Entertainment Jova Beach Party 2022: Jovanotti, immortal pirate

Jova Beach Party 2022: Jovanotti, immortal pirate

Jova Beach Party 2022: Jovanotti, immortal pirate

Between them: Max Pezzali, who shares a thirty-year friendship with Jova – inevitable at the time of the performance on the notes of You’re a myth and of They killed Spider-Man the mythological peaked hat -, Psalm – arrived backstage with a curious Raffaella Carrà-style platinum blonde wig on his head – and, of course, Gianni Morandi, with whom he swept the cover evening of the last edition of the Sanremo Festival. With Gianni – welcomed by the people of Jova Beach like a rock star – a very rich repertoire ranging from Open all doors (written by Jovanotti and finished second at Ariston behind Chills by Mahmood and Blanco) to timeless classics such as Get your mom to send you, There was a guy like me who loved the Beatles and the Rolling Stones but also pearls of “competitors” such as Adriano Celentano – see Light blue sung in unison by more than 60 thousand people in bathing suits and with the reddish sky reflected on the sea covered with humidity, it is a mystical experience that anyone should try at least once in their life.


In between: attention to sustainability (there were no plastic bottles at the concert but recyclable water cans); a foray into the metaverse offered by the Technical Main Sponsor of the Jova Beach TIM called, precisely, Jovaverso and dedicated to the discovery of Jovanotti’s backstage and dressing room; House music; stadium chants for goodies like Think positive, The navel of the world, kiss Me again – dedicated to all lovers on the beach -, The pockets full of rocks, Summer on me And The greatest show since the Big Bang, and a light-hearted spirit that led Jovanotti not to foresee a real lineup but to be inspired by the sensations, by the spirit and, of course, by the public. The same audience that after 40 years continues to sing at the top of their pirate’s songs – dozens of buccaneer hats, not to mention the white Captain Findus-style suit worn at the wedding celebration of two of his fans – and that if he only wanted to, he could very well buy an island like Johnny Depp and organize a Jova Beach Party every day of the year, to the happiness of all of us.

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