Jovanotti and Francesca Valiani: “Teresa was our rock”


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Lorenzo Cherubini, Jovanotti for the audience, he used his own words to celebrate the victory of daughter Teresa, the only one had with Francesca Valiani. «Today my Teresa wanted to tell her story of the last seven months. Yesterday the exams at the end of therapy said that the disease is gone, today is a beautiful day for us, she was crazy », the singer wrote on Facebook, a few chosen phrases to accompany the long post of the 22-year-old.

Teresa Cherubini talked about herself, and dad Jovanotti, online, limited himself to sharing the post again, leaving it to the mother to give voice to the pain of a parent, helpless in the face of a child’s illness.

“When the unthinkable comes upon you you feel that you will not be able to face him, that he will win, but if luck puts extraordinary doctors and nurses next to you who make you believe that no, he will not win at all, you start to believe it and just look at the goal, the end. “Today is hard, but it will end, it is not forever“”, began Francesca Valiani, dedicate to the battle of Teresa against the Linfoma at Hodgkin a special post.

“Yesterday was that day, that day when everything had to end and so it was, happiness cannot be described. For a parent it is a cruel test, but if once again luck is your friend and gives you a daughter like Teresa you can only come out filled rather than emptied ». The young woman, just twenty-two, “It was the rock that Lorenzo and I clung to, not the other way around », wrote Valiani, married to the singer since 2008.« I would like to thank our families, our friends, those who knew and moved with respect and discretion. I would like to thank Professor Paolo Veronesi, he has never let us lack his affection and professionalism, prof. Corrado Tarella, the fabulous doctor Anna Vanazzi, Alice and Lucia, two true guardian angels, and then everyone, everyone, the operators of the Ieo “, concluded Teresa’s mother, before saying she was close to” those who still fight against diseases that they distort life, to those who study these diseases, to those who, at some point, will find themselves having to deal with a scary disease. How much life do we find when life is in danger ».

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