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“Joy: The Name of Success”: discover the story that inspired the film

The Afternoon Session airs this Monday (13) “Joy: The Name of Success” starring Jennifer Lawrence . The plot written by David O. Russell, who is also responsible for directing, and Annie Mumolo is based on the life of Joy Mangano .

The film follows a divorced woman, mother of two children, who lives in the same house as her divorced parents and ex-husband. Her life changes after she invents a miraculous cleaning mop that becomes a sales phenomenon and makes her one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the United States.

In addition to Lawrence, names like Bradley Cooper (“American sniper”), Robert De Niro (“Taxi Driver”), Edgar Ramirez (“Emotion Seekers: Beyond the Limit”) and Virginia Madsen (“The Candyman Mystery”) are in the cast.

Discover the story of Joy Mangano

Born in Brooklyn and raised in New York, United States, in 1956, Joy Mangano graduated from Pace University with a degree in business administration – different from the film, in which she abandons higher education to help her family. It was there, in fact, that she met her first husband, father of her three – one more than in the plot – children.

As a teenager, she developed a fluorescent collar for pets, with the aim of making dogs and cats visible to drivers at night. She did not patent the idea and a company launched a similar product. Years later, in 1989, Joy launched the product that transformed her life: the Miracle Mop mop. It was developed in a corner of her father's store, as shown in the film.

She started selling her creation in local stores. Additionally, it sold 1,000 units on consignment to QVC, an American broadcast television network and one of the leading shopping channels specializing in home products. As in the plot, Joy convinced a company executive that the channel didn't know how to sell the mop, but that she could sell it if she had the chance to go on air.

In her first appearance, she sold over 18,000 Miracle Mops. Following the success of the product, the entrepreneur incorporated her business as Arma Products, which would become Ingenious Designs. In 1999, she sold her company to USA Networks.

Over the years she created other products, such as Huggales hangers, velvet flocked and non-slip; forever fragant, a line of household odor neutralizers; and more.

In an interview with the magazine Team in 2015, when the film was released, Joy stated that the film matches reality: “I had no doubt that it [David O. Russell, diretor e roteirista] would do everything right, and he did.”

However, despite the premise being aligned with the businesswoman's life, protagonist Jennifer Lawrence told the magazine at the time that the film is only 50% inspired by Joy's life. The other half, according to the actress, comes “from David's imagination and from different bold women who inspired him”.

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Watch the trailer for Joy: The Name of Success

Jennifer Lawrence's nude film is inspired by a true story

Source: CNN Brasil

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