Juan de Dios Pantoja is allegedly arrested and this is known until now

Juan de Dios Pantoja is allegedly arrested and this is known until now

A video circulates on social networks in which it is seen how, supposedly, they arrest the youtuber Juan de Dios Pantoja, husband of the influencers Kimberly Loaiza, while traveling on public roads on her motorcycle. Although the details of this alleged arrest have not been revealed, the club fans The singer assures that it is real, although other users say that it is a marketing strategy.

The clip began to circulate on TikTok and Twitter on the night of May 30 and in it we see how he is being surrounded by some patrols while one of the elements takes his arm to put the handcuffs on him and escort him to the official vehicle. Also, just by keeping him subdued and recharged in the police car, he cuts out the video.

Of course, the images did not take long to go viral and the rumors that they were staged did not take long, since there were some details that made Internet users doubt the veracity, which led them to assume that it was a strategy to promote the new musical release by Juan de Dios.

The first of the signs that made the fans It is that the patrol did not have license plates and the letters on the side said “police”, that is, police in English, instead of “police”, like the official vehicles in Mexico.

However, his club fans oficial indicated that it was a real event and asked all his followers to show their full support at this time. It should be noted that Kimberly Loaiza has not given any statement in this regard, but, presumably, on her Twitter account she only shared a emoji of a heart split in half.

In addition, in the midst of the debates about whether it is real or not, there was a clear display in the video that almost went unnoticed, because in a certain angle of the video we see a camera with its pedestal, like those used for movies or video clips.

In this way, the video would make more sense, taking into account that there are only a few days left before the release of his song. Dangerous, collaboration he did with Maldy. So don’t worry, since everything indicates that it is only an advertising strategy.

Source: Okchicas