Judge asks jurors to avoid reading news and discussing Depp X Heard case

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the judge Penney Azcarate decided that the jury will resume deliberations in the defamation trial of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard next Tuesday (31), starting at 9 am, after the Memorial Day holiday in the United States.

The seven jury members deliberated for about two hours on Friday, and before ending the session, the judge reminded them not to read or consume any news about the case or discuss it with anyone over the long weekend. saying the responsibilities are “extremely important now that they are in the deliberation phase”.

For six intense weeks, both sides presented testimonies, evidence and cross-examinations at the defamation trial. And now, the seven jury members will deliberate to reach a verdict.

The jurors began to deliberate

Judge Azcarate told jurors that their verdict must be unanimous before sending them to deliberate around 3pm on Friday.

“I know this trial was a great sacrifice and it dominated your lives for weeks,” she told the jury. “And I know I speak for all of us associated with the case and I want to thank you for your service in this matter.”

The focus of the trial is a 2018 op-ed written by Amber Heard in The Washington Post, where she identified herself as “a public figure representing domestic abuse,” and which Depp claims falsely painted him as a bully and cost him his life and jobs in Hollywood.

Heard counter-sued Depp, saying her attorney’s statements that her abuse allegations were a “hoax” had defamed her and her career.

Shortly before deliberations began, jurors heard closing arguments from Heard and Depp’s lawyers.

Amber Heard’s Attorney’s Message to the Jury

Amber Heard’s attorney, Ben Rottenborn, told the jury that if Depp couldn’t prove she never abused Heard, she would win the case.

“Mr. Depp just can’t prove to them that he never abused Amber,” Rottenborn said. “A ruling against Amber here sends the message that no matter what you do as a victim of abuse, you always have to do more. No matter what you document, you always have to document more. No matter how honest you are about your own imperfections and your own flaws in a relationship, you have to be perfect for people to believe you.

Message from Johnny Depp’s Lawyer to the Jury

Earlier on Friday, Depp’s lawyers argued that Heard was the aggressor, not Depp.

“What Ms. Heard testified in this courtroom is the story of many women,” said attorney Camille Vasquez. “But the overwhelming evidence and the weight of that evidence shows that it is not his story. It’s not the story of Mrs. heard. It was an act of profound cruelty, not just to Mr. Depp, but for real survivors of domestic abuse. Mrs. Heard presented himself as a public figure representing domestic abuse. It was false, defamatory and caused irreparable harm.”

Over the course of six weeks, jurors heard more than 100 hours of testimony that often gave conflicting opinions on aspects of the former couple’s private life, from movie deals to accounts of violent altercations, either in person or remotely, or through statements. recorded that have been edited.

Remember the main moments that have taken place in court since April 11:

Source: CNN Brasil

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