Juice WRLD’s Networth: The Rise And Fall Of One Of Rap’s Brightest Stars

Juice WRLD was a promising new American rap artist. At the time of his death in 2019, his networth accumulated to around $4 million.

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The Early Years: Becoming Juice WRLD

Jarad Anthony Higgins was born in Chicago on Dec. 2, 1998. He was raised by his conservative single mother, who forbade him from listening to rap music but enrolled him in childhood piano lessons that would be his first primer in music. As a teenager, he cited local rappers like Kanye West and Chief Keef as being primary influences, alongside acts like Senses Fail, Paramore and Prince. And while these incongruent influences made for a decidedly non-regional sound that resisted easy categorization, he’d eventually find his foothold in Chicago’s rap music lineage, with management and invaluable guidance from local artist Lil Bibby and his brother G-Money.

Juice WRLD’s Networth: Start of Career

Indubitably one of the more well-known Gen Z rappers to make it big recently, Juice Wrld had been instrumental in characterizing Soundcloud rap’s slowly-materializing sound as being defined by the vulnerability, debauchery, and all a manner of different musical influences and sounds. Tracing the genre’s origins back to 2015, the new hip-hop pouring from SoundCloud in waves and waves toed the line somewhere altogether unidentifiable between rapping and singing — calling forth the serrated edginess of emo and post-pop punk and the melodic moodiness of contemporary “industry” rap — think Drake meets Panic! At The Disco meets the internet.

Juice WRLD’s knife’s edge, catchy tracks, which the rapper frequently freestyled in only a couple of takes (in one of his most memorable videos, he freestyled for more than an hour on a British radio show), blended the solid hip hop fundamentals of Post Malone, Drake, and XXXTentacion with the edgy emo proclivities and nasal-forward refrains of emo and pop-punk bands like Fall Out Boy and Pierce the Veil.

It felt less like a coherent genre (though it definitely is one) and more like a rift or a break that would reorient hip-hop towards rawness, and thanks to the dizzying power of the internet, force these eerily melancholy songs into the mainstream.

Juice WRLD, like a select few of his contemporaries, was emblematic of the sound’s raw potential and its soaring ambitions. He wasn’t the first Soundcloud rapper to have successfully broken into the mainstream — he’d been following in the footsteps of artists like Lil Peep, XXXtentacion, Lil Pump, and Pop Smoke — all of whom had been topping charts, making money, and racking up millions of Spotify streams in their own right, but he was unquestionably the first that embodied the unquantifiable power of the genre.

Juice WLRD’s Music

As Juice WRLD’s net worth will testify, he was the blueprint. He frequently sang of alone-ness and solitude, a certain deserted-ness that made his music hugely relatable and instantaneously popular. He collaborated with multiple artists across genre divides because he’d perfected an uber-marketable versatile sort of low-grade melancholia that was very radio-friendly, elevating him far above many of his peers in terms of sheer numbers and charts.

His death both compounded and drew renewed attention to the fact that the scene seems afflicted by tragedy. Juice Wrld’s lyrical obsession with death and vice wasn’t exclusive to him, but it casts an altogether strange shadow on his passing. With Juice WRLD’s death, the warped, bass-heavy blend of rapping and singing, grief and bravado that was at the heart of SoundCloud rap feels like its run to the end of its own light. Its contours seem lost to memory, it’s hard to imagine it impacting the new generation of pop when its torchbearers don’t stay alive long enough to pass the flame to someone else. How did something so vital, so alive collapse in on itself so quickly?

Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems: What was Juice WRLD’s net worth?

At the time of his death, Juice WRLD’s net worth was an astonishing $4.5 million dollars. He’d just dropped the summer’s emo-trap banger “Lucid Dreams,” which peaked at No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100.  The rapper’s stunning debut, “Goodbye and Good Riddance,” reached No. 4 and propelled the Chicago native to a sold-out debut headlining tour through North America.

He had a particular fondness for dirt bikes and off-road vehicles, but definitely enjoyed the finer things, too, as evidenced by his sizeable collection of chains and watches and of course, his Rolls Royce Cullinan (worth an eye-watering $325,000). Currently, after Juice WRLD’s death, his mother has taken control of all his estates, jewelry, and cars.

Death and Aftermath

‘Yesterday was my actual bday i’m celebrating all week doe,’ 21-year-old Jarad Higgins — better known as the rapper Juice Wrld with net worth in millions — captioned his last Instagram post, a shot of him smoking on a yacht in front of the Sydney Harbour Bridge with friends on December 4.

A week afterwards, at 3:00 AM on a Sunday morning, he’d be dead. Early reports would suggest a seizure, and later the medical examiner would determine the cause of death to be an accidental overdose of codeine and oxycodone. The findings would corroborate law enforcement reports that the rapper had suffered convulsions while officers searched a private jet that the hip hop star had arrived on star for drugs and guns.

He was en route to celebrate his own birthday party.

Condolences From Big Names in the Industry

Outpourings of grief flooded the internet in the days after his death —  Drake, Meek Mill, Chance The Rapper and Lil Uzi Vert were amongst celebrities paying homage to the young rapper, whose death was a devastating loss for the music industry. His star had been on the rise: the rapper had dropped a number one album, become a power-player on the increasingly influential SoundCloud rapper scene and achieved meteoric mainstream success, rubbing shoulders with the likes of Future and Young Thug, all before he’d been scarcely old enough to drive.

“We Ain’t Making It Past 21.”

One thing is clear: the rapper’s tragic death at the height of his prime dealt a devastating blow to a genre that’s already been crippled by tragedies. Obviously, his passing is cause for grief. After his death, his mother legally took hold of his belongings, at a hefty networth of 4$ million.

But it’s indelible proof of the fact that the industry is failing its artists. Concerned only with turning a profit, big wig executives and corporate CEOS are turning a blind eye to the perils of newfound fame.

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