Julia Fox went shopping in her underwear and now she wants to make it socially acceptable

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The rules of dress are so marked in society that there is a type of clothing suitable for each place and occasion, and when someone dares to wear something different from the everyday, it is usually a source of criticism and astonishment from others.

This is exactly how it happened to the actress Julia Fox, who after being seen shopping in a mall wearing only underwear, was harshly criticized. This was what she replied and thinks about it.

Julia Fox with a cart full of her purchases in a mall

Last Sunday, May 15, the Italian-American artist wore a matching black bra with her bikini and an open jean jacket paired with a jean bag and jean boots, while shopping at a Hollywood Pavilions grocery store in Los Angeles, California. . Her attire caused divided opinions as to whether she should go to supermarkets dressed that way.

After generating a debate on social networks for her outfit, the 32-year-old actress shared a series of photos of her look in your account Instagram under the following text:

Julia Fox doing her shopping in her underwear

My vibe is getting ready for the apocalypse (right now)

The strangeness of her clothing was not only criticized, but also caused memes and images judging her for wearing underwear and carrying a pair of bags as a bag. jeansand this was the most popular:

Julia Fox in underwear meme

When it’s laundry day but you have to run errands.

Faced with the meme and the comments of people saying that there are not many brave people who dare to try or recreate their outfit, the star of Uncut Gems He replied to his followers that it should be normal for people to dress like this anywhere; If you can on the beach, why not in the city?

Julia Fox walking in her underwear in a mall parking lot

I just think that if it’s socially acceptable on the beach, it should be the same everywhere.

Although not all the comments were negative, since a group of users applauded their initiative and assured that they love that there is someone who dares to do what they please.

Even Alexander Wang, the designer behind the two-piece set Fox wears in the photos, shared the actress’s outfit on his Instagram.

screenshot of a post by designer Alexander Wangny on Instagram

It’s not underwear, it’s bodywear. Coming soon.

And it is that from the side that we see it looks great, not only does it look fresh and beautiful, but the combination between the jeans bag, boots and jacket of the same color of denim is very difficult to achieve, but she behaved very well!


Source: Okchicas

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