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Juliana Paes on character who is a victim of abuse: “It’s what many women experience”

The actress Juliana Paes 45, said that her character in the soap opera “Piece of me” from Netflix, represents the experiences of several women. In the plot, which has 17 episodes and was made available on the streaming platform on the 5th, she plays Liana, a woman who was the victim of sexual abuse.

In an interview with Quem, the Brazilian actress spoke about how the complex character interacts with real-life women.

“She is a character with all these layers. Liana is able to talk to many women, talk about many women. She is what many women live, have lived,” she declared.

The star added that many victims of abuse do not realize the severity of their experiences at the time they happen.

“Many times, when we experience situations of violence, we don’t realize that life wasn’t nice and that it was violent towards us. Sometimes, we don’t realize these triggering moments. We only realize it years later,” he explained.

“When people are violent towards us, we keep it to ourselves and don’t talk about it. Years later, we remember and understand that we suffered violence. These levels of understanding, these situations that we take a long time to realize, are part of our daily lives. I tried to instill this in Liana,” she said.

In the soap opera, Liana dreams of having a child with her husband, Tomás, played by Vladimir Brichta, 48. However, the protagonist discovers her partner’s infidelity and, on the same day, is the victim of sexual violence committed by Oscar, played by Felipe Abib, 41. Liana ends up getting pregnant with twins – one baby from each different man.

According to Netflix’s synopsis, Liana will fight “to hide secrets and keep her family together.” The series entered the streaming service’s Top 5 worldwide.

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Source: CNN Brasil

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