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Jury recommended charges against senators in case against Trump in Georgia

A Georgia grand jury in the United States has recommended criminal charges against three Republican senators and other allies of Donald Trump as part of its investigation into the former president’s efforts to overturn his 2020 election defeat, according to a released report. this Friday (8).

The special grand jury recommended charging Georgia’s two senators at the time, Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue, as well as South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham, the report showed.

Charges were also sought against former Trump National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, adviser Boris Epshteyn and lawyers Lin Wood and Cleta Mitchell, the report showed.

None of them were ultimately charged as Georgia prosecutors opened a wide-ranging criminal case against Trump and 18 allies.

Loeffler and Perdue lost their re-election bids and are no longer in office.

The report had been confidential for nine months.

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The special grand jury convened in 2021 at the request of Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis to assist in her investigation.

Over several months, jurors subpoenaed testimony from 75 witnesses, including Trump allies such as his former lawyer Rudy Giuliani, Graham and Georgia officials such as Gov. Brian Kemp.

However, the collegiate did not have the power to issue charges. But Willis used the evidence the agency gathered to seek an indictment from a regular grand jury last month that accused Trump and his co-defendants of overseeing a broad conspiracy to sabotage Democrat Joe Biden’s victory in the state.

All 19 defendants pleaded not guilty. As with his other three criminal cases, Trump denied any wrongdoing and said he was a victim of political persecution.

Despite his legal problems, he remains the leading candidate for the Republican presidential nomination for next year’s elections.

The grand jury’s special report remained secret at Willis’ request while she determined what charges to bring. With the charges issued, Fulton County Superior Court Judge Robert McBurney wrote in an order last week, there is no longer any reason to keep it from the public.

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Source: CNN Brasil

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